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Top Attractions in Cameron Highlands

If you like nature and one who like to take jungle walks and enjoy the sights of natural surroundings, then you are in for a treat in Cameron Highlands. This is where you can enjoy the cold air of the highlands while appreciating the amazing and spectacular sights of the rich rainforests of Malaysia. In Cameron Highlands, you must have a good camera to capture some of the most excellent scenes you can ever find.

Sightseeing Spots you can’t missed out in Cameron Highlands

The lush and rich vegetation of Cameron Highlands makes this township one of the top tourist attractions not only within Malaysia but around the region. Here, there are a lot of places to visit that include vegetable farms, strawberry parks, bee farms, tea plantations and many more.

If you are the more adventurous type, you can head out to the thick forests and jungles located around Cameron Highlands. There you will find a very fulfilling vacation as you can go camping, visit the waterfalls, hiking on the trails and even exploring into the jungle, among many others.

While the most common and more popular activities for tourists here are to visit the tea plantations and vegetable farms, there are several must-see attractions that everyone who comes here should experience.The Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands is perhaps one of the most underrated attractions here. you will literally be among the clouds that the trees penetrate through. There is a jungle trail here where you can view the rich flora and fauna in their natural habitat which is clouded with mist and fog. Furthermore, you will be able to see some of the most beautiful sights around Gunung Brinchang along the way.


This is because most visitors to Cameron usually visit the farms and more commercial places. The Mossy Forest is a great place to refresh and rejuvenate especially for those who like nature. As the name implies, Mossy Forest takes you deep into the jungle where the sight is something to behold and appreciate. It would be an ideal place to visit for those who would like to enjoy the fresh air while being in the midst of some of the most beautiful landscapes around here. The Pasar Malam or Night Market at Cameron Highlands is located in Brinchang town. It comes alive at night and is one of the most popular places in Cameron Highlands. The Pasar Malam provides the perfect shopping place for those who like to buy some local produce, traditional food stuff and just about any other items needed during your stay here. This is no ordinary Tudor-style boutique resort because the Lakehouse overlooking the scenic lake is an exclusive getaway nestled amidst the natural beauty of Cameron Highlands. This magnifient Mock-Tudor Hotel was built in 1972. Interior furnishings styled after English country house.
This idyllic countryside resort atop the majestic mountains makes you feel at home immediately once you step into the lobby area. Even if you are not planning to stay here, do drive up to the Lakehouse and snap some pictures because you won’t be disappointed with its façade and architecture.

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Recommended Attractions

Strawberry Farms

Strawberry Farms

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Galleria Time Tunnel

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Cameron Fair

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Bharat tea plantations

Bharat Tea Valley

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pasar malam

Cameron Night Market or Pasar Malam

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Boh Tea Plantations

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Cameron Mossy Forest

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Cameron Golf Course Online

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Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm

The one and only largest indoor maze in the country! But first things first, to get to the apiary, one must drive slightly further ahead


Mountain Strawberry Farm

Mountain Strawberry Farm is located along the road leading to Mount Brinchang which is winding and narrow. Nestled amidst the cool hilly mountain is the scenic


Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm

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Fragrance Nursery

Fragrance Nursery

If you are a flower and nature lover, then Fragrance Nursery along the main road between Brinchang and Kea Farm is the perfect destination for