Pulau Lang Tengah Comprehensive Guide

Pulau Lang Tengah is one of the best-kept secrets in Malaysia. Located off the coast of east coastal state Terengganu, it is what you will come to expect from any islands that look like paradise. The clear and glassy water, coupled with the white, sandy beaches set amidst its lush forests would give you a truly unforgettable vacation where you get a lot of privacy and peace, far from the maddening crowd of cities and towns.

It is located between 2 other more popular islands namely Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang which have their own set of attractions and allure while Pulau Lang Tengah entices visitors through its beautiful sceneries and landscapes as well. This is why this group of islands here are always frequented by tourists from foreign countries who come here to appreciate the sunny days and the tranquility of it all.

Visiting Pulau Lang Tengah

As it is located in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Lang Tengah Island is susceptible to the monsoon season which comes around between October and March. This means you are not advised to come here around those times while the best months would be around April to September with May to July being perfect if you like some sun, sea and sand as well as some dipping into the coral reefs for some moments with the sea creatures that the island is so renowned for. After all, the monsoon season will see some rough waters and heavy rainfall which means that you will not be able to get out much.

An Island about natural beauty

This place is strictly all about natural beauty and adventure so you might not be too expectant of upscale facilities and such here.

Unspoilt beaches and clear waters

In Pulau Lang Tengah, you can mostly see pristine clear water seas within its arrestingly beautiful sceneries. Seriously, there is no nicer place than one which seemed unspoilt and untouched. Located about 40km towards the north east of Kuala Terengganu, the state capital of the state you can catch a boat ride from Tanjung Marang after driving about 40 minutes from KT. There are many resorts here in Tanjung Marang so there are usually a lot of boat transfers here.

Best time to visit

Lang Tengah Island enjoys a year-long of tropical weather, much like the rest of the country. As such, the best time to come here would be from March to October while the other months are not very suitable as the island will be open to the monsoon season that brings rain and rough seas. The average temperature here is about 26 degrees Celsius. School holidays and public holidays are the super-peak seasons where you might find more people than usual.

Language and Culture

The official language here is Bahasa Malaysia while English Language is very much used and understood. Islam is the official religion in Malaysia which means you should be aware not to offend the locals here. Be mindful of your manners and general etiquette and try not to wear clothes that are too revealing.


The currency here is Malaysian Ringgit. The resorts here accept major credit cards and traveler’s cheques (although they are not so popular today). Money changers are available but do not count on them for a good rate. The best practice is to change your currency before coming to Lang Tengah Island.


Generally, Lang Tengah Island is very clean. Tap water is safe to drink but it would be better to boil them first or you can buy bottled drinking water in most stores.

Electricity and telecommunications

The voltage used here is 240V, 50 cycle system as per the UK specifications. Most resorts provide converters if you come from a country that use an alternative voltage. You can easily find pre-paid telecommunication cards as mobile services are quite easily accessible.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

Besides water activities, there are practically nothing much to do around Lang Tengah Island. As anyone would come to expect, snorkeling and scuba diving would be ideal here while those who like nature can take jungle walks into the rich rainforests in the heart of the island and to the other beaches on the other end.

The 2 most popular water activities here, snorkelling and scuba diving can be experienced with no absolutely no restrictions. In total, you can go for scuba diving in any of the 12 spots around Lang Tengah Island. From the resort, it will take about 10 minutes to reach any of the sites and if you are going for more extreme ones, 30 to 40 minutes’ boat rides from Lang Tengah Island will take you to another 40 other dive sites.

Snorkeling is simply pleasing as resorts will organize such trips for you, some of which are bundled in their packages while others are specially arranged trips inclusive of equipment.

Jungle trekking

As mentioned, there is a very rich collection of flora and fauna in Lang Tengah. Wake up early and go for a walk to Batu Kuching where you can catch one of the most spectacular sunrise moments in the world. At other times of the day, you can head out to the jungle to get up, close and personal to nature. Ensure that you have informed someone before heading there just in case you got lost or need any assistance especially if you are not back after a certain stipulated time.

There are in general 4 resorts in Lang Tengah Island which you can stay in, all of which provide a great place to stay that includes food and transport. It must be noted that Lang Tengah Island has a small land area where you cannot find food anywhere outside the resorts you are staying in.

Hotels in Pulau Lang Tengah

D’Coconut Lagoon Resort

This is a truly special resort because it actually operates 2 private beaches on its own. What you will get here is the scenic, seaside view of what a beach paradise would be with sandy beaches, large boulders and palm trees lining up along the coast. There are 2 wings of accommodation here which are built on both the beaches with very luxurious rooms looking out to the amazing skyscape of the seas beyond. There is an on-site dive centre while you can arrange for snorkelling trips as well.

Redang Lang Island Resort

This resort provides several room choices catered in twin, triple, quad or 5 persons which are fully equipped with basic amenities. In total, you can choose between the 52 rooms available which are usually bundled with other services like transfers, snorkelling trips and food for 2 to 4 days.

Lang Sari Resort

This is a resort where you can enjoy peace and tranquillity in a vacation. Provided in a form of travel package, everything is taken care of whether you go for the Free and Easy, the Snorkelling or the Diving bundle. Prices start from RM180 per night with choices of Twin, Quad or Triple sharing.

Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa

One of the more luxurious places to stay, the Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa gives you that traditional and local home feel that overlooks the sea waters. Some rooms are specially designed to let you face the sea so that you wake up to the aroma of the breeze and the fragrance of a paradise island for a perfect holiday.

Getting to the island

Lang Tengah Island is just about 40 kilometer off the coast of Kuala Terengganu. As it is an island, the ideal way to get here is by boat. You will have to hop off from the town of Tanjung Merang which will take slightly less than an hour from the state’s capital.

Lang Tengah By Boat

This is the only way to get to Pulau Lang Tengah. There are a few modes of transport through the seas where the best and most convenient way is through the resorts. The few resorts in Lang Tengah Island usually provide boat transfers to the island from hop-on point in Tanjung Merang. Hence, you are advised to take the packages provided by the resorts which come with the transfer that will take you directly to their doorsteps.

Chartered Boats – There are boats for charter that come in through Perhentian and Redang islands respectively. In fact, Redang Island has its own airport which means you can arrange for a transfer from there if you are flying directly in. Chartering a boat however, can be quite costly as it would be about RM300 and above.

Speedboats – Most of the speedboats are pre-arranged with a fixed schedule. You can find these operators around Tanjung Merang which will cost about RM95 for a return trip with 2 trips daily. The duration is about 45 minutes where you will surely enjoy the strong wind blowing towards you and the beautiful seascape spreading out to the horizon.

Getting Around in Pulau Lang Tengah

There are no roads in Lang Tengah Island which means driving around would be quite impossible. To get from one point to another, the only possible mode of transfer is by boat or kayaks. Otherwise, you will pretty much be going around on foot or via the vehicles provided by the resorts that you are staying in. Besides that, you can choose to visit other nearby islands through special pre-arranged boat rides as well.