Cameron Jungle Trekking Trail

Cameron Jungle Trekking Trail

Jungle Trail No. 1, the toughest of all

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Take a hike to the top of this amazing hill to see some of the most amazing views in all of Malaysia. When you get to the top of the hill walk the beautiful tea plantations that leave a beautiful fragrance in the air. This trail is challenging and begins in Brinchang. You definitely will be surrounded by beautiful forests and nature. While you are in on the trail make sure that you look for the watchtower outside of the fenced area that allows you to have beautiful views of the valley. There are many natural steps which makes the hike easier but you do need to have decent fitness to be able to make this hike. If you want to do this trail as a tour you definitely have that opportunity. However, if you want to spend some amazing time admiring and enjoying the beautiful nature around you definitely get a map and do the trail on your own. You will definitely not regret seeing the beautiful tea and strawberry plantations. Make sure when hiking you take plenty of water and wear the perfect clothing to make your hiking experience the best possible. Otherwise enjoy all the beautify and landscape that Cameron Highlands has to offer.

Family friendly Jungle trekking Trail No. 3

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When visiting Cameron Highlands there are plenty of walking and hiking trails for you to explore. Make sure that you visit Cameron Highlands Trail No. 3. Take a lovely walk with a guide through this trail. While some bits of the trail are challenging most will find this trail easy. This trail is also great to tick your kids with. The walk up the trail is amazing and beautiful for sightseeing. When you read the top of Gunung Beremban you will definitely be amazed. The trail goes a bit up and down, but it does not get steep until you begin to get to the top of the pick.

You can do it without a guide

The trail is very well marked so if you want to do it without a guide you definitely can. There is also much flora and fauna to see as you take this hike, especially a lot of birds to see as well. You can reach the top in about an hour and a half which is a great quick activity to do. You definitely will enjoy every moment of your hike. Make sure that you take plenty of fluids and wear the appropriate clothing to make sure you have the optimal hiking experience.

Trail No. 5 and 7,seeing Tanah Rata & Brinchang

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Another hike to experience when visiting Cameron Highlands is Trail No. 5 and 7. Try this amazing steep trail that will definitely be a good challenge for you. Start your walk up the mini tea plant up the hill and then continue your walk through a beautiful vegetable farm. This is where you will find the trail to make it up to the top of Gunung Beremban. While the trail is a bit steep you can definitely reach the top in about an hour. On the way you will see amazing scenery and even some awesome animals, many hikers have reported seeing monkeys. When you get to the top of the peak you can see parts of Tanah Rata and Brinchang.

Wear proper attire and gears

Parts of the trail do have a lot of growth, but you will definitely be able to make your way through. Make sure that you wear the right clothing, shorts aren’t really the best options. Also be sure that you take plenty of fluids with you. While this may be a tougher trail, it is definitely worth seeing all the diversity of the trail. You will see everything from the mossy forest, the jungle, the highland grass and ferns, and the amazing tea plants.

Cameron Trail No. 10, the easiest one of all

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While visiting Cameron Highlands there are plenty of hiking opportunities. If you are a novice at hiking then you should definitely try out this trail. The entire trail is very easy there aren’t difficult places that require more advanced hikers. The best part about this trail is it is great to take your kids on. There are many guides available to offer you the optimal experience by showing you all the beautiful plants and flowers.

Seeing Tanah Rata & Brinchang

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However, this is definitely a trail that you can explore on your own. Don’t be confused when you have hiked up the hill and find a high voltage towers, many think this is the top of the mountain. However, you need to continue up the path to reach the peak. The is definitely the trail for all nature lovers. You will find it to be very relaxing and peaceful. You will love the nice atmosphere and the escape from the city. Definitely worth the one to two hours to get to the peak. You will love all the flora and fauna that you will be able to see on the hike. Make sure when hiking you take plenty of water and wear the appropriate clothing for the best hiking experience.