Cameron Highlands Attraction Guide

Merely mentioning Cameron Highlands and a long list of visually appealing attractions will automatically crop up. This is where you will find some of the most memorable spots for photos and very Instagram-worthy angles too. Here are some options:

  • Tea Farms – The Boh Tea Centre in Sungai Palas is a must-see while you can choose to visit the Bharat Tea Plantation as well.
  • Mossy Forest – Picturesque sceneries where the clouds come down to the grounds. You need to engage a local guide to get into the forest and make some advance preparations, but the experience is both breath-taking and unforgettable at the same time.
  • Markets – Cameron Highlands is known for its markets and farms but they are very crowded during the peak and holiday seasons. Meanwhile, some are not operating on normal days. Plan in advance to avoid this before you come here.
  • Flowers – You can almost feel the rose fragrance when you approach places like The Rose Centre while there are many other flower gardens too.
Attraction Guide

Tea Plantations

For visitors who love to relax by sipping tea and having a nice tea break in Cameron Highlands , tea plantation is just your place.

Attraction Guide

Rose Centre

  The Rose Centre Kea Farm , situated approximately 5 km from Brinchang & spread over 10 levels of terrace, is the coolest village & the

Attraction Guide

Rose Valley

The Vase with a height of 16 feet, this is the biggest flower vase in Malaysia and one of the biggest in the Asean region.

Attraction Guide

Butterfly Farms

There are a couple of prominent butterfly farms within Cameron Highlands. And if you happen to visit the highlands, remember to drop by Butterfly Farm

honey bee farm
Attraction Guide

Honey Bees Apiary Farms

There are numerous apiaries, a small hut industry of producing honey. Moreover, the honey bee farm built with an assortment of flowers as a source

cactus Valley
Attraction Guide

Cactus Valley

Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands is the newly built tourist attraction with numerous types of cactus on show. Its hillside location makes for interesting viewing of

Cameron Multicrops
Attraction Guide

Multicrops Central Market

Multicrops Central Market is a one stop center for visitors to find all the various items that are sold in Cameron Highlands . If visitors

Attraction Guide

Cactus Point Cameron Highlands

When you travel to Cameron Highlands, chances are you will be here to visit the flower nurseries, tea plantations and vegetable farms. One of the

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