Rose Valley

The Vase with a height of 16 feet, this is the biggest flower vase in Malaysia and one of the biggest in the Asean region. It has the capacity to fill

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Butterfly Farms

There are a couple of prominent butterfly farms within Cameron Highlands. And if you happen to visit the highlands, remember to drop by Butterfly Farm

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honey bee farm

Honey Bees Apiary Farms

There are numerous apiaries, a small hut industry of producing honey. Moreover, the honey bee farm built with an assortment of flowers as a source of

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cactus Valley

Cactus Valley

Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands is the newly built tourist attraction with numerous types of cactus on show. Its hillside location makes for interesti

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Cameron Multicrops

Multicrops Central Market

Multicrops Central Market is a one stop center for visitors to find all the various items that are sold in Cameron Highlands . If visitors are tired o

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