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PR1MA Homes in Cameron Highlands

Under the PR1MA (1Malaysia People’s Housing Project), the people of Cameron Highlands will now be able to enjoy more affordable properties. Construction of 2,000 low-cost apartment units under the PR1MA prject has...

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Peony Square Cameron Highlands

Peony Square offers a modern day living property in Cameron Highlands. Located in Mukim Ulu Telom, Peony Square is built in Kuala Terla, one of the towns here at the hill resort. In fact, it benefits from being one of the most...

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Tringkap Cameron Highlands

Tringkap is one of the many towns located around Cameron Highlands. It is located towards the northern region of Cameron Highlands which is closer to the northern gateway of Kampung Raja. Tringkap has a thriving local...

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Brinchang Town

Brinchang is definitely one of the main tourist towns in the cool mountains. You’ll see abundant of hotels in shop lots, steamboat restaurants serving ala carte authentic Chinese cuisines, souvenir shops, fast food chain, bank...

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Kea Farm

Situated somewhere nearby the Equatorial Hotel, Kea Farm is always busy all-year round. Kea Farm is one of the major reasons that caused massive jam between Tringkap and Brinchang (especially during public holidays and...

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