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Cameron Homestay

Greenhill Resort Apartments Homestay If you are traveling around in Cameron Highlands, you will surely enjoy the cool and relaxing weather here where you can go around the farms where you can find out how tea is produced as well...

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Tanah Rata

Tanah Rata (literally translated means flat ground) is located about 13 kilometres away from the small township, Ringlet. With a population of around 7,000 people, this is the main town in Cameron Highlands. Basically, the...

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Holiday Season Guide

The beautiful rolling hill of Cameron Highlands is made up of plenty of little townships such as Kampung Raja, Brinchang, Tringkap, Tanah Rata, Ringlet and Kuala Terla. For those who are driving via Tapah route, you’ll first...

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History & Tourism

Where is the best place to enjoy cool climate and learn a little about tea making process in Malaysia? Cameron Highlands is the place for you to immerge in cool temperatures less than 25 °C while getting information on tea...

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Brinchang Town

Brinchang is definitely one of the main tourist towns in the cool mountains. You’ll see abundant of hotels in shop lots, steamboat restaurants serving ala carte authentic Chinese cuisines, souvenir shops, fast food chain, bank...

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