Getting to Cameron Highlands


There are several ways to get to the beautiful rolling hills of Cameron Highlands,from south via Tapah Road in Pahang or Simpang Pulai in Perak, via Gua Musang in Kelantan and Raub via the new road in Pahang.

BY CAR to Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands best roadIf you are traveling from the south via Tapah in Pahang, all you need to do is drive from Kuala Lumpur to Tapah by following the signboards. Since Cameron is located approximately 300 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur, be prepared to embark on a long journey with your family and friends. You’ll need to drive about 3 hours to Ipoh and continue on until you reach Tapah toll booth. Once you exit Tapah toll, turn left at the traffic lights as the road connects directly to the first town in Cameron – Ringlet. If you are looking for accommodation in the main town, Tanah Rata, you’ll need todrive another 12 kilometres from Ringlet.

Here are some driving tips for those who are driving to Cameron via Tapah – prepare around RM20 for the toll. Bear in mind that the road to Cameron Highlands is narrow and steep. Therefore, for those with motion sickness problem, perhaps it is best to bring along plastic bags and medicine. There are plenty of heavy vehicles driving along the way up Cameron Highlands. Hence, be extremely vigilant especially when you are trying to overtake other vehicles. Similarly if there are other vehicles behindtrying to overtake you, do give way.

Simpang Pulai or Tapah Road?

For less experienced drivers, it is advised to drive to Cameron Highlands via Simpang Pulai as the road is in a much better condition and safer compared to Tapah route. Besides, it will only take about 45 minutes to get to Kampung Raja via Simpang Pulai route. As you exit Simpang Pulai toll, make a right turn at the traffic lights and drive for another 200 metres away before making another right turn.

Just continue to drive on the same route for the next hour because in no time, you’ll reach the junction to Kampung Raja. As you turn left into the new road leading to Kampung Raja, the main road is connected to other towns such as Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Just a reminder for drivers who are getting to Cameron via Simpang Pulai route – the road suddenly narrows therefore, drive slowly for your own safety. Please do not speed downhill (especially after heavy rain fall) because there is relatively high road accidents at Simpang Pulai stretch.

Please do not speed after the long bridge(downhill) in Simpang Pulai highway as accidents in this area are fatal.

You will see that there are many undertaker toll trucks waiting after these turns. We were being told that there are normally more than 5 accidents after rain fall. Meanwhile, if you are driving from east coast via Gua Musang in Kelantan, the attraction is only about 120 kilometres away. It takes about 45 minutes from Gua Musang to Kampung Raja junction. This time around when you reach Kampung Raja junction, make a left turn. From this main road, drivers can get to Brinchang and Tanah Rata easily. Ensure that your car has sufficient petrol before you embark your journey to Cameron Highlands via Gua Musang because there is no petrol station along the way.

New highway road from Kuala Lipis and Raub

Finally, if you are driving to Cameron from Bentong (Raub) via the new road in Pahang, it takes about three hours to reach the rolling hills of Bertam Valley. The new road will lead you to Bertam Valley junction. From here, make a left turn to get to Ringlet town. Make a right turn if you want to get to Bertam Valley town. The other two towns, Brinchang and Tanah Rata are only around 25 kilometres away from the junction. The new road in Pahang is currently under construction. Therefore, it is advisable not to use this route at night to get to Cameron Highlands.

Here’s a summary on traveling to Cameron Highlands – it’ll only take three hours to get to the attraction via Tapah route but the road condition is dangerous and winding. On the other hand, Simpang Pulai route is safer but it takes about four hours to reach Cameron(from Kuala Lumpur). Remember to turn on the spotlight when you spot thick fog around. For first time visitors, it is best to travel to Cameron by taking an express bus or book via tour agents. Petrol stations are only located in three main towns which are Tanah Rata, Brichang and Ringlet. Try to avoid driving around lunch or dinner hours because you’ll get stuck in the traffic for hours. Also, park responsibly especially during peak season because police officers would no hesitate to issue summons.

BY COACH to and from Cameron Highlands

Coach travel is one of the most convenient and economical way to come to Cameron Highlands. A number of companies provide regular, efficient express and tourist coach service to and from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore with a choice of day or night departures on some routes. All coaches are air-conditioned and most have adjustable seats and audio and video systems for on-board entertainment.
Stops are made during the journey for passengers to have their meals or light refreshments.


Taxi/Bus service are available from both Tapah town and Tapah Road Station (for those arriving by train) at reasonable rates.

Kurnia Bistari Express & Regal Transport Co
Address:Bus Station, Main Road, Tanah Rata, 39000 Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Telephone:05-4911485, 05-4912978
E-mail:[email protected]

Cameron Bus Schedule        
Destination(Cameron Highlands) Duration Price Time & Feruency Pick-up or Drop-off place
To Kuala Lumpur 4 hours RM35 Six buses daily. 8.30am, 11am, 1.45pm, 3.45pm, 5.30pm KL Sentral & KL Pudu Sentral
From Kuala Lumpur 4 hours RM35 9.00am, 10.30am, 1pm, 3.45pm KL Pudu Sentral
To Singapore 10 hours RM140 10am Beach Road
To Melaka 6 hours RM65 9.30am
To Ipoh 2 hours RM18 8am & 2.30pm Bus Station(Old Town)
To Penang/Butterworth(stop by Ipoh) 5 hours RM32 8am & 2.30pm

Long Distance Express Bus Kurnia bistari Sdn. Bhd.
Main Road, Tanah Rata Bus Station,
39000 Tanah Rate

Coach From To Fares Time
Kurnia Bistari Express Kuala Lumpur
(Counter 87, Puduraya 0163033330)
Cameron Highlands
(4 hours)
(adult & Child)
Kurnia Bistari Express Cameron Highlands
Kuala Lumpur
(Counter 87, Puduraya 0163033330)
(4 hours)
(adult & Child)
Damai Express (26 seater coach) Cameron Highlands(Tanah Rata) Counter 8 & 9 pasarakyat, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur (03-2145 9077) RM30.00 (4+ hours) Daily
8.00 am
1.30 pm
Damai Express (26 seater coach) Counter 8 & 9 pasarakyat, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur (03-2145 9077) Cameron Highlands(Tanah Rata) RM25.00 (4+ hours) Daily
8.00 am
1.30 pm
Express Ipoh Bus Station (Old Town) Cameron Highlands(Tanah Rata) RM7.90 (3 hours) 8.00 am 11.00 am 3.00 pm 6.00 pm
Express Cameron Highlands(Tanah Rata) Ipoh Bus Station (Old Town) RM7.90 (3 hours) 8.00 am 11.00 am 3.00 pm 6.00 pm
Express Penang (Perangin Mall) Cameron Highlands(Tanah Rata) RM23.00 (5 hours) 8.00 am
9.00 am
2.00 pm

ONE-WAY TAXI JOURNEY(from Cameron Highlands)
Tel: 605-4912355 (Cameron Highlands)
Minimum 4 person is required in order to book a taxi.
Please call Taxi CameronHighland for latest pricing(605-4912355)

Tapah RM32.0(RM90 per taxi)
Lumut RM120.00
Ipoh RM60.00(RM90 per taxi)
Taiping RM100.00
Butterworth RM150.00
Penang RM180.00
Kuala Kedah RM225.00
Kuala Lumpur RM128.00
Sultan Aziz Shah Airport RM130.00
Kuantan RM260.00
Melaka RM190.00
Johor Bahru RM300.00

BY RAIL to Tapah(no train to Cameron Highlands)

Kuala Lumpur – Tapah Road
Departure: 7.40 am
Arrival: 9.50 am
(Ekspress Sinaran Pagi) Departure:1.45 pm
Arrival: 3.55 pm
(Ekspress Rakyat) Departure: 8.45 pm
Arrival: 11.14 pm
(Ekspress Langkawi) Departure: 10.00 pm
Arrival : 12.49 am
(Ekspress Senandung Malam)
Tapah Road – Kuala Lumpur
Departure: 11.46 am
Arrival: 2.00 pm
(Ekspress Rakyat) Departure: 5.33 pm
Arrival : 7.55 pm
(Ekspress Rakyat) Departure: 2.02 am
Arrival: 5.10 am
(Ekspress Langkawi) Departure: 3.07 am
Arrival: 6.15 am
(Ekspress Senandung Malam)
Butterworth – Tapah Road
Departure: 8.00 am
Arrival : 11.46 am
(Ekspress Rakyat)Departure: 2.00 pm
Arrival : 5.37pm
(Ekspress Sinaran Petang)Departure: 10.00 pm
Arrival: 3.07am
(ekspress Senandung Malam)
Tapah Road – Butterworth
Departure: 9.50 am
Arrival: 1.40 pm
(Ekspress Sinaran Pagi)Departure: 3.55 pm
Arrival: 7.53 pm
(Ekspress Sinaran Petang)Departure 11.14 pm
Arrival:(in Bukit Mertajam) 3.51 am
(Ekspress Langkawi)Departure: 12.49 am
Arrival: 6.10 am
(Ekspress Senandung Malam)
Alor Setar – Tapah Road
Departure: 8.00 pm
Arrival: 2.02 am
(Ekspress Langkawi)
Tapah Road – Alor Setar
Departure: 11.14pm
Arrival: 5.16 am
(Ekspress Langkawi)

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