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Cameron Highlands Farms and Markets

Reputed as a paradise for nature lovers, Cameron Highlands offer more than just flower gardens and dense mossy forest. Due to its cool weather, Cameron Highlands is a suitable hub to grow a wide variety of plants.

Freshest Vegetables and Flowers

Botanists can expect the unique venus fly traps and pitcher plants in the nurseries grown throughout Cameron Highlands. It is a good idea for local visitors to purchase potted plants that come in all sorts of sizes and shapes as souvenirs (it is a bad idea for international visitors because after all, you have to travel by plane back to your country).

You can get the plants at reasonable prices from Fragrance Nursery located just before you reach Kea Farm, 2 km after Brinchang town. Besides the sweet and juicy strawberries in Cameron Highlands, look out for high quality honey and bee pollen at some of the famous honey bee farms such as Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm and Tringkap Bee Farm.

Farms and Markets
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