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Similar to any other destinations in Malaysia, there are some must try local specialties available only in Cameron Highlands. With a diverse range of local specialties and international cuisines available here, looking for a meal around Cameron Highlands is an easy task. You can pick from unique Malay steamboat to authentic Chinese cuisines, or perhaps spicy Indian delights and mouth-watery Western selection. But one of the best choices if you are around Cameron is steamboat. When the sun goes down and the cool mountain becomes chilly, it is time to head to steamboat restaurants. Silverstar Restaurant(chinese charcoal restaurant) and Golfers’ Cafe Restaurant are the well recommended charcoal steamboat restaurants in Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands Charcoal Steamboat

Charcoal Steamboat (also known as hot pot) is a charcoal pot of boiling chicken soup heated by  charcoal. Some of the restaurants served two soups in a pot – fiery chilli broth and chicken soup. Other than that, diners can also ask for spicy tom yum soup or herbal soup. Diners are free to pick from a wide choice of food available such as raw chicken meat, thinly sliced beef, vegetables, mushroom, fishballs, tofu, noodles and seafood and placed the ingredients into the simmering metal pot of soup. Using the ladles provided by the restaurant, diners must scoop the cooked ingredient from the steamboat pot and eat it with dipping sauce.

If you are looking for some delicious Indian cuisines, try the aromatic Banana Leaf Rice. The plain white rice is served with a variety of vegetables and crunchy papadams on banana leaf. For those who are craving for some tender and savoury meat, you can also pick from the variety choices offered such as curry chicken, beef, mutton and fish. Other than that, diners should also order tandoori chicken, naan and roti canai. These are some of the local favourites available 24/7. The top indian cuisine restaurant in Cameron Highlands will be Suria Restaurant.

Delicious and Happiness Kitchen

If you are looking for an authentic Chinese restaurant, then the Delicious and Happiness Kitchen would be an ideal choice. This is where you can order dishes of Chinese cuisine to be taken with rice. Their Sweet and Sour Pork is quite delicious while the restaurant cooks great mixed vegetables as well. Apart from that, you can order single-dished noodles or rice if you are not looking for something too extravagant.

Nasi Lemak and Halal food

satay halal cameronStalls along Jalan Besar Brinchang serve some of the best Malay cuisines in Cameron Highlands. Remember to try nasi lemak and satay. Nasi Lemak packed in pyramid-shaped is served with anchovies, fried peanuts, gravy (sambal) and curry. You can add a variety of meat such as squid or rendang chicken to the pack of Nasi Lemak.

Craving for light snack in Cameron? Look no further because the light and soft scones served with a cup of English tea will make your day. The perfectly baked scones served here come with Devonshire cream. Other than that, strawberry crepe that comes together with plenty of strawberries and a good combination of crepe is also highly recommended for all.

Bring your own steamboat

Cameron Highlands is a beautiful and diverse province of Malaysia, perfect for a relaxing getaway, where you will have the chance to see rural rolling hills, but also visit some of the popular tourist sites such as the butterfly farm, as well as trying new and exotic food.

Malaysia is home to fragrant and ethnic food. One dish which the Cameron Highlands is known for is the Hot Pot. A gas fire boils a pot of chicken soup or chilli broth for more of a kick. These are two relatively easy dishes to make, so if you are thinking of hosting a dinner party and are online, playing Party poker and sending invites while looking up unusual recipes, why not also consider some of the rice and noodle based dishes which are much more hearty and substantial.

Cake and Confectioneries

There are quite a lot of places where you can enjoy cup of fresh highlands tea of coffee while savouring the sumptuous cakes and other pastries. At most cafes in Cameron Highlands, you will come across a wide range of different cakes baked to perfection to be taken with a hot drink.

My Cake Home – This is a popular hangout among the locals and visitors. Located in Tanah Rata, My Cake Home offers a cosy and homely environment if you like this type of ambience. Here, you can order all types of unique cakes and other items. A must-try item here is the cheese lemon cake which is highly rated by those who have enjoyed it previously.

Warong Kek Cameron Cakehouse – Another place where you can enjoy cakes and such is at Warong Kek Cameron Cakehouse. This outlet is located in Brinchang. Housed in a convenient spot with bright signboards, you will like the place where you will surely find a slice of cake you like among the spread. Their cheese cake is one of the most famous here while you can buy custom-made cakes for any other occasions if required.

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